Monday, November 14

Weblogs 2005

Wednesday and Friday this week I'll attend a workshop on Weblogs in Linz/Austria, one of the organisers is Jan Schmidt.

Topics include:

  • basics of weblog research (Jan Schmidt, Klaus Schöneberger)
  • weblogs in organisations - PR and marketing (Tim Fischer, Martin Roell)
  • weblogs and Journalism (Martin Welker)
  • weblogs in organisations - knowledge and project management (Thomas N. Burg, Dieter Rappold)
  • weblogs and political communication (Roland Abold, Martina Kausch)
  • teaching with weblogs / e-learning (Hans Mittendorfer, Tanja Jadin, Bernad Batrinic)
of course there's a weblog as well as a wiki available - all in German though.

I'm really looking forward to meeting and talking to all these people - hope there will be plenty of time in the coffee breaks!


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