Friday, November 11

second thoughts on teaching...

Today is Friday - one of these Fridays that I'll be teaching.

For the last few weeks lectures went quite well on my part, although I'm not so sure if our students share the same opinion. After all we're asking them to work quite hard(at least compared to local standards!) :

reading a (for them surely) difficult chapter every week. In our lessons we don't go through the chapter bit by bit but ask them to work on it themselves - through presentations as well as discussion of different aspects. I'm not so sure if they really appreciate it that much, that we don't take the responsibility of reading from their shoulders - but one day they'll definitely harvest the merits of knowing how to read and get the gist of an article themselves.

Another requirement are two articles that they have to write and publish online in their blogs. We also suggested that they use their blogs for reading reflections ("Lesetagebuch"/reading diary) but as it wasn't compulsory only a few of them are into it yet. Alas, there is still lots of time until the end of this term, so they still have the chance of discovering the joy of quick and easy online publishing!

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