Wednesday, October 26

rethinkig research III

At the beginning of march I started to use my blog for commenting on all different sorts of things...and I discovered a Blogger, just around the corner: Jan Schmidts Blog is still one of the ones I read most regularly. He's also one of the few bloggers I've met personally.

Interesting thoughts I also discovered now in my posts around mid-march, I was...
wondering what blogging our not-yet-finished works could do to the discussion about the author-reader-relationship in anthropology .
Then I spent some time traveling and just by chance I read an e-mail by a young scientist...our mail-conversation developed in a very interesting way and soon Chana (at Tempus Fugit) switched to writing in english about her thesis because I convinced her! Seeing her work growing (as well as advising a wee bit) was a very rewarding experience.

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