Wednesday, March 9

Blogging Books

Warning! This might be a somewhat cryptic entry for those not familiar with anthropology...

I just found a post on blogging books (or books blogging?) - and am wondering what blogging our not-yet-finished works could do to the discussion about the author-reader-relationship in anthropology .

And then I wondered if I should blog about it - but then I'm lacking the time necessary to write something "proper", have to leave for Uni soon...and THEN I thought:

"well, why not just put it there and sneak up at the thought later? "

Well....because on the one hand I think it's a very worthwhile thing to think about and I guess there are some discussions ahead of us that'll get us quite a bit further in my field.

On the other hand I want to contribute to it...properly...and someone could just run off with my ideas and present them as theirs...

"my ideas" I say - they are just flashes in my mind I guess, nothing more yet. Anyway, I was really wondering why Alex and Kerim haven't posted or written or whatever about it before, as I consider them much senior to me in anthropology.

And I guess my personal answer to the question: "Why do academics blog and how can they not be afraid of people taking advantage of them and "borrowing" their ideas?" is, that I just want the debate to go on, or to start even - and: just now I haven't much to loose too.

Maybe I got them thinking...

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