Wednesday, October 26

rethinking research II

Adi Kuntsman's Cyberethnography as Home-Work was another article that impressed me...sadly I didn't summarise but just cite it in this blog-post.

Blogs as electronic learning journals, an article by Armstron, Berry and Lamshed is something I should look at again...I had completely forgotten about this one and now I wonder if I should go through my blog-archive more often. Who knows what jewels are hidden there!

Five different ways into Blog research by Liz Lawley is a nice blogpost which I was very excited about when I found it...end of february...

[note to self: interesting to see the fun I had in discovering relevant literature]

At the same time I started to summarize [and comment] an article about "Blogs as plattform for the ideal speech situation" [by Elmine Winja, proper name: Understanding Weblogs: a communicative perspective] in a few see if working this way with my blog was fruitful.
To be honest: it wasn't.

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