Thursday, October 13

its seems like ages...

It's really been a long time for me since I wrote my last blog entry. Now it feels kind of strange to talk about personal things in this public sphere, but I want to continue anyway.

What happened?
Well, I've been to Tunisia - living there for the last three months. I just came back a few days ago and now everything at home here in Viena seems very different and strange to me. How can people be so cold? How come the don't show their feelings more openly? Why is everyone always so busy?
These and similar thoughts go through my mind, as I go about the usual business of coming back: washing, arranging all the new stuff that I brought with me in my tiny room (by the way: I'll move to a bigger room in the same flat - for the same price!).
Yesterday we had the introduction of our tutorial. It was just a few minutes that me and the other student introduced it, but it felt strange to stand in front of 300 people, tlaking about what you're going to do with them, IF they will attend our class. What made the whole thing even more interesting was, that I was introduced as Andrea Ben Lassoued by the lecturer - it was the first time that my new name was mentioned in public. Although I really like it (wouldn't have changed mine if I didn't) I still wondered what people would think. Is it obvious that I just got married? To a Tunisian?

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