Sunday, July 3

U2 - Live Aid / Vienna

Yesterday U2 played in Vienna [in the Ernst Happel Stadion], and London within a few hours. I wanted to go to the Vienna concerts, but tickets where more than my student budget allowed. Nevertheless I just listened to the version of "One"[mp3] which they played at the live aid concert in London. At the beginning Bono's says somehting like:
"this is our moment, this is our time, this is our chance to stand up for what's right. We're not looking for charity - we are looking for justice. We can't fix every problem, but the ones we can, we must. 3.000 africans, mostly children, die every day of a mosquito bite, we can fix that. 9.000 people die every day of a treatable desease like AIDS - we got the drugs, we can help them. Dirty water, death by dirty water, well, we can digs wells...
Eight of the most powerful man of the world are meeting at a golf course in Scotland - we have a message for them: this is your moment too, make history through making poverty history"

Here's a review of their concert in Vienna, and here at live8insider you can also view videos of the concert.
update: I just found a video with Dave Sifry about technoratis support for live8. (link from Supernova, through Buffer overflow, seems to be down now, though)

here's more background information about technoratis and bloggers support for live8

[mp3 above via live8insider]


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