Friday, June 17

A few afterthoughts on C&T 2005

I’m sitting in the train back from Milan to Vienna. There’s no Wifi here, no, I’ll just post this later on.

One thing that I discovered at the conference (while watching Aldo typing away furiously on his computer) was Google desktop…for some reason or the other I have never heard of it.

Oh yes, Aldo: well, he reminded me of another friend of mine who is a professor at the university of Vienna, teaching “Informatics and Society” to computer scientists . The funny thing about this friend of mine is, that he’s actually analysing himself. That is: the main part of his lecture is about new forms of work that emerge around the internet economy – and he himself is working under similar conditions: with a laptop on his knees on the balcony of his house, at the weekend. Or surfing at lake Garda: no, not what you think! Not surfing the lake, no, surfing the internet for new ideas or just making up a new power point presentation the day before he gives his next lecture.

The good thing is that working in that kind of environment is definitely nicer than in a gloomy office. The back draw: work and free time just get too mingled and one seems never able to switch off – like me now: still thinking about the conference and the people I met there, although I actually could relax on a quiet comfy bed in an air conditioned train compartment looking at the beautiful scenery of northern Italy.

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