Sunday, June 5

advantages of blogging?

inspired by a post from anne galloway I wrote a post at our anthropology-students-online-forum (what a monster-word!)...where I presented working at Microsoft as a solution to the fear of many students that they won't get a job after their studies. The result wasn't a discussion on ethics. Replies varied and were about like this:

"where do I get the necessary work-experience they asked for?"
"well, your comment didn't help much, but a nice try anyway"
and then went of in a complete different direction...

After a comment by a discussion member to get back to the "real" topic of the thread one member replied that s/he would work for Microsoft if pay and work conditions were okay and then a bit later a comment was made that someone wanted to use the thread for finding out about something slightly different, namley what other students do to get a side-training, a second direction they go in their studies etc.

After all this description about what happend at, my point here will be about advantages of blogging - because, to be honest, I was a bit confused about this way "my" thread developed. First people didn't discuss on what I was interested in, which might defnitley be blamed on me, not asking the question frankly, but then the last remark made me think about my own posting habits and I think I'm becoming more of a blogger now, savoring the advantages of the space you get through it more and more. At least to me a comment on a post feels less intruding even if it's on a completly unrelated topic and if someone feels that commenting in my blog would not be appropriate than the can write in their own blog. The discussion itself is spread out much more and maybe a bit confusing to follow, but each author has more control over how things develop in their own space...
not to self: look at this kinda-reply by Annariitta

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