Wednesday, May 4

never mind the title

She (hazily, through the noise of the shower): What do you think about "Life, the Universe and Everything: An introduction to a few maybe useful sites for Anthropology freshers"?
He (lazily, through the toothpaste): Yeah, short and to the point!
She: You're kidding me!

So, I don't know what to call this, but I guess you gathered what it's about.

What this isn't:
It's not a proper *academic* article - nevertheless it might be useful;
It's not a know-it-all, comprehensive guide to the internet - just some sites I've particularly enjoyed.

So what are these sites I liked and why are they important?
Well, there aren't many of them, and that's because I've tried to restrict myself to "gatekeeper sites" each of which could be the starting point for a near endless exploration (or getting lost - so beware!).


Interesting, but maybe not as useful as the other stuff:

For geeks only:
For those who can turn the volume down on their speakers:

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