Tuesday, April 19


There's this blogher-conference in July, start reading about it here.
They even have got volunteer blogerships
And Do-ocracy! Here's how it works:

How do you subvert the dominant hierarchy? You give up control. That's one of the things I want to do at BlogHer's July 30 conference. Here's how: Welcome to "The Room of Your Own" a part of BlogHer's conference run by, for and of women attending. Why? Because being audacious enough to suggest we hold this thing, doesn't mean I think I know what you want. So the room of your own is a testament to BlogHer's mission to community-based education and exposure.

Is there something you want to talk about at BlogHer's Conference '05? Do it! Do it here. Tell the community and they'll come. Or help! Starting in the comments section on this post right now [...]

Awesome. I just love the way they go about doing things.


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