Monday, April 18

what am I to do?

there's this conference and it's not any old conference, but the triple A. I really, really want to go there...badly. Why? Because of this:

"Parsing Culture: Cybersocial space and the making of group and individual identity"
National Association of Student Anthropologists Invited Session for the 104th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, 30 Nov-4 Dec 2005

[...] this panel seeks to explore the ways in which "traditional" or paradigmatic anthropological methods and theorizing can be fruitfully applied to these increasingly prevalent online writing and reading practices, as well as the ways in which the communities formed here can complicate traditional theorizing about culture and community.

As "cyberethnographers", how must we adapt anthropological paradigms in order to understand the self-representation practices of hyperliterate subjects? What are the limits of the anthropological gaze in its engagement with weblogging as practice? How can we encourage people to "think more anthropologically" about cyberspaces and weblogging? How do we construct our identity through the use of a variety of social media? [...]

It's just what I'm really interested in, and I'm wondering where to get the money from for the flight...

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