Wednesday, April 20

incorporated subversion �

Found that through OLDaily:

incorporated subversion � about: "The name ‘incorporated subversion’ comes from the late David Squires who coined it in his 1999 article ‘Educational Software and Learning: Subversive Use and Volatile Design‘ (.pdf) in which he argued that:

“Designers should consider designing for subversive use, recognising that users fit the use of ICT environments into contextually tuned ‘situated’ learning environments.”

I believe strongly that design in many contexts, be they educational, organisational or commercial, should be facilitative of freedom. Too often we hold back learners, customers and colleagues through unnecessary designed constraints when we could be encouraging expression and exploration through incorporating subversion."

Just what I think. Great.
So the question is: who designs weblog-software? For whose purpose? With what picture of users in his/her mind?

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