Thursday, June 16

blogging from C&T 2005

Now, what shall I really say? Its an amazing conference, really diverse in the different disciplines covered and as I'm working as a volunteer I also get to talk to really interesting and "important" people in the field. There's this feeling of: "you can just go up to anyone and start talking to them" and thats what people (or at least I!) have been doing in coffee breaks and inbetween talks. Seems there are not too many people blogging from here though (Aldo started blogging again yesterday) and I'll try to give some short overview of things as soon as possible. Took many, many pictures and also volunteering I have access to the presentations given, though to put them online I have to ask first. There's Dani, a brasilian volunteer who's working as a web designer and she's planning to set up a webpage with all the contact information from people as well as the slides. But now I gotta get back to the first talk today: "Collective Action in Electronic Networks of Practice: An Empirical Study of Three Online Social Structures" sounds interesting, doesn't it?

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