Sunday, June 19

anthropolgoy of science

Don't know if it's me being ignorant, but I just discovered an interesting subfield of my own discipline. So here are a few odds and ends that are connected to the topic:

Lecture notes on the topic (MIT - Open Course Ware: provide a good intro, I guess, few references mentioned, though)

Course and reading list at the University of Texas

Atran, S. 1998. Folk biology and the anthropology of science: Cognitive universals and cultural particulars. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 21: 547—609.

Cultural Anthropology
Volume: 16, Number: 4 (November 2001)

CASTAC-L - Committee on the Anthropology of Science, Technology and Computing Listserv. Send email to

Anthropology Matters Journal, 2005, Vol 7 (1).
Special Issue: New methods in the anthropology of science and technology (ASA postgraduate panel 2003)

An Amazon List for books on the topic.

Another interesting course description and reading list.

A bibliography that seems quite interesting.

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