Saturday, August 27

Tunisian blogger meeting

Yesterday I met the Tunisian blogging crowd at their 6th get together in Sidi bou Said. Mister MMM-A-list-blogger-Subzero-Blue :) initiated the meeting; he and his sweet wife were the ones that I met first – when we finally managed to recognise each other after some phone calls! I guess there were around eleven or twelve Tunisian bloggers, I was the only foreigner, because my American “twin sister” didn’t show up in the end.

We had a few interesting discussions ranging from
polygamy, the WSIS through to why some Tunisian youngsters are so keen on immigrating to Europe. The location was very romantic: the Café Sidi Chabaane, called after a marabou whose tomb is located in the middle of the Café, gives a nice view of the Golf of Carthage. The lights were curling around the shore like a necklace of pearls and I hope one of the many pictures that were taken will show at least a bit of the beauty of the place. I hope I can keep in contact with at least some of the nice folks I met yesterday.

Here’s a link to Subzero Blue’s blogpost about the meeting and there you also find links to all the other people who participated. One person I want to point out though, if you’re interested in the WSIS is Marouen (blogging his life) . He’s the “WSIS Tunisia Youth Caucus Coordinator and has got lots of interesting background information. Karim posted a few nice pictures of the meeting already.


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