Monday, April 4

lunch break

Just finished my lunch break. Had pasta (seems my choice of nice italian food fits in todays mood of quite a lot of people around who are thinking of warmer fields) while keeping an eye on my old washing machine who tends to attack our loo while doing its work. Well I guess you weren't dying to know that.

I've been thinking a bit lately about my thesis. One of the results was an outline of sorts (rather a collection of bullet points, really, but a start, anyway). Being in contact with Chana and Markus has helped a lot, reading Lilias "Two papers, me in between" was an "eye-opener" and enjoyable read too .

Something I am still wondering about is, how much "soul-stripping" can and should be involved in a/my thesis. An article I read made me think about including audio-files and pictures in my account and Claudia Engel's syllabus was interesting to read but I'm not yet clear about consequences for my own work.

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