Thursday, March 31

great list...

The most helpful people - ever! are the ones at the AOIR-mailinglist. No matter how strange or funny or whatever the question, they'll answer it, even pointing you to more appropriate places to ask it, but never directly criticise least that's my impression from reading it now for a few months. I wonder why this list works so well and others don't...where does this feeling of community come from I sense in these mails?

Just read that, and I guess you'll know what I mean:
Assoc Prof Christian Nelson has been recently on this list. He's a
> great scholar of ethnomethodology. He offered a great reading list on
> ethomethodology. He has emailed this website in the last few months so
> check the archives for his email address.
> Cheers, Denise

Thanks for the promotion, Denise ;-) Unfortunately, I'm still an *assistant* professor ("Scholar in Residence" is Emerson's term for
"visiting assistant prof."). Whatever the case, I know a bit about ethnomethodological (EM) investigations into computer research. There
are two teams of EMists/CAists who frequently publish in this area: 1) Wes Sharrock, Graham Button, and Bob Anderson and 2) Paul Luff and
Christian Heath. Their work is mainly on HCI, so you could look up their work using the www.hci.bib seach tool. I think Sharrock et al.
have also done some work on software design in general--you could find out if they've done more general work using the EM/CA
(ethnomethodology/conversation analysis) bibliography maintained by Paul ten Have at (there are
separate bibs for pre- and post-'89 works). In addition to this stuff, you should see Lucy Suchman's acclaimed EM work in the area of
computers and computer use. Finally, you may already be aware of CA work by Angela Garcia and (E.) Sean Rintel on the participation
structure of asynchronous chats and such. (Sean's work doesn't seem to be listed in ten Have's bib, so see Sean's CV at Don Winiecki has also done interesting CA work in the area--search the AIR-l list archives for a
list of his writing and a bib. he provided on the subject.

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