Saturday, April 9

FLOSS? dental floss?

Through Dragonfly: I found a paper by Yuwei Lin. It's about the Gender & FLOSS.
So you don't really know what FLOSS means? Same here.
Something about Open Source or Open Publishing - something along this lines, was my first idea. And actually it's not too far away from what I thought. Here's the abstract:

The FLOSS development is responding to the ICT development in various ways. This essay describes and analyses challenges (societal and organisational) and advantages (e.g. new models for mobile and collaborative work online), particularly regarding gender issues, encountered in the recent FLOSS development. The focus of the essay is not only on the claims made by women in the existed FLOSS community about the tensions between male and female developers' interests and ways of doings, but also on the current obstacles against bringing more women, who are not technically competent, to participate in the FLOSS development. This paper concludes with suggestions on how to create rules and resources and the creation of a common FLOSS space for both genders.

Oh, and you should go and have a look at Maja van der Velden. Very interesting Website and research blog. Here's her proposal. (Local knowledges in global communication: The impact of information and communication technology on the diversity of human knowledge)

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