Saturday, April 9

anthropology in scandinavia & france, racial matters too

I've been reading a bit this afternoon, and I started a web search, comparing french and skandinavian anthropology in google. Yes, I know about the google-problems-stuff but: it's the most widely used search engine. To be there is to exist.

The first hit when looking for france and anthropology through google is an interesting one:
it's about the history of race in science, to be precise: there's a bibliography that one finds, but my link points to the main page. Here's a short intro to the site:

"The RaceSci Website is a resource for scholars and students interested in the history of "race" in science, medicine, and technology. RaceSci is dedicated to encouraging critical, anti-racist and interdisciplinary approaches to our understanding of the production and uses of "race" as a concept within the history of science."

Than one finds a wikipedia-link to anthropology in france, which is quite useful in my opinion.

If searching for norway & anthropology, on of the first sites is an overview and links to universities and societies concerned with anthropology. Quite useful.

Then there's an article by Finn Sivert Nielsen about Anthropology in Norway, and just after that a link to the department of Anthropology at the University of Oslo.

The reason behind my search was really to find out, if "the big guys" are represented in the Net...and if so, how. I would have thought to get stuff like Thomas Hylland Eriksens' Website as one of the first hits, but it seems that one has too look for it differently.

Oh, and I found another anthropology-related blog: Dienekes'
(6th hit for anthropology & sweden, seems to be about physical anthropology)

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