Tuesday, March 29


I've been in Geneva and Plymouth for the last few days...one for "work" the other for pleasure: the European Burma Network met in Geneva and interesting it was to participate too...and to Plymouth I just went to see my boyfriend...but now I'm back and there's lots of interesting stuff in my inbox...just now I'm wondering to which of the thousands of conferences (a slight exaggeration there...) I should go - and which one I can actually afford...so FYI, there's the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde's"-conference and a workshop there is led by Alexander Knorr...here's the Call for Papers.

Than through Seb I found a conference in Milan which sounds very interesting, but admission is closed already...and then there's one in Innsbruck - which I have to go to really, cause it's so near, and, yes of course the topic is interesting too.

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