Tuesday, February 15

so....what are blogs?

Very good question. I guess the my aim shouldn't be to provide a highly scientific definition (besides: are there any yet?) but rather something people can work and think with.
Lilia and Stephanie Hendricks in their paper point to a definition in Walker: 2003:
"a frequently updated website consisting of dated entries arranged in reverse chronological order".
That sounds quite straight forward to me, what I'd add is, that blogs are personal

"not formal, faceless, corporate sites"

(same source). What I'm not sure about is, how often exactly is frequently? :-)
What about comments and links? Do they have to be there to make a weblog a weblog? Torill and Jill mention it in their paper: Blogging thoughts. I guess they're not absolutely necessary, but still most of the blogs contain them.

Weblogs sind eine Nachrichtenbörse. Das Internet wird gefiltert und die (subjektive) Selektion wird der Weblog Community online mitgeteilt. Weblogs sind deshalb das schnellste Medium für die Verbreitung von Nachrichten im Internet"
found at tzwaen.systems

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