Friday, January 21

Good news...

Had a talk with my supervisor the other day and she acceppted my topic! Yes!

The main part of my thesis will be about virtual ethnography - aka the methods anthropologists use to do research on/about the internet. I intend to compare what has been done so far and show which methods were applied and to which results they came.

What I have to look for now is "content" - something to apply my talk about theory on, a current topic, whatever.
We also decided that I'd write in english, which will make it more difficult and more interesting at the same time, but that's fine with me.

I still have a bit of coursework to do next term, so there'll be plenty of time for worrying about a topic, I guess.

Wednesday, January 19


went to see a friend yesterday - actually we should have studied for an exam tomorrow, but what we did was chat: about our studies, life in general and all the rest of it. The good thing about it was, that I discovered, that there are really interesting anthropological books out there (on the net, for free) the bad thing is that I should study much more today. Better get on with it. By the way: got the link form Alex Golubs blog. He seems to be "a young and inexperienced college professor" (selfdescription), teaching in Hawaii and is into MMOGs.

Monday, January 17


here'san interesting course-schedule (or more so: the reading list!) of a seminar at the Institute of Anthropology in Munich, Germany. Seems there ARE some anthropologists out there who are interested in the topic. Have to check this guy out though...wonder what he's up to. :-)

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