Friday, April 29

Bye bye Iran, hello Tunisia!

Well, so much for the best laid plans... Apparently the Iranians put our visa applications in a drawer and forgot about them or something, so not just the warmongering Brit but even the Austrians had to abandon our trip - some might still go in 2 weeks, but not Andrea or I. We just consulted a last minute travel agent looking for anything Arabic, so now we're off to Tunisia next week, me for a week and Andrea for two. I'm disappointed about Iran after trying so hard to make it happen and getting so close, but we have to move on rather than dwell on the past. I've long harboured a desire to get to know the mother continent, and my only encounter so far has been a family day trip from Spain to Morocco many years ago, chaperoned by our student guide to his chosen merchants and gently fleeced - not what I had in mind! We'll see what insights this trip brings...

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